1. Six Seasons
    An animated interpretation of the late master abstract painter, Shane Pickett's Six Seasons. More than 30 hours worth of animation commission by the MRA of Perth city, to play on Yagan Square's landmark Digital Tower, in tune with the Noongar seasons. Made over two months while working at Ramus.
  2. Swan Lake and Reflect
    These two animations were chosen by the MRA of Perth city to feature the works of local Noongar emerging artists. They are displayed on Yagan Square's landmark 45m tall Digital Tower. Whilst working with Ramus, my aim was to interpret the original paintings respectfully but creatively. The original artworks are Swan River/Derbarl Yerrigan by Biara Martin and Reflect by Sharyn Egan.
  3. A Fresh Water Place
    This piece is intended to bring about a calming, meditative feeling in its viewers and was made in response to the history and busy life of Fresh Water Place, an inner city building near the Yarra River in Melbourne. It is continuously updated with data that triggers changes in an abstract interpretation of tides and land. It also changes lighting conditions according to the solar cycle, and has a generative composition that ensures that it never looks the same.


Motion Design

3D Animation