About Me

Melbourne- Australia

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I am primarily an illustrator with an extended practice in both 2D and 3D animation, video art, mural art, sculpture and 3D game design. I often create alienating and dreamlike worlds sometimes inhabited by confused yet contemplative characters. My visual inspirations typically draw from sci-fi, horror, fantasy and mystery themes in film, anime and electronic music. 
Combining seemingly contrasting concepts such as artificial and organic, internal and external, boring and overwhelming and so on, enables me to compare and observe the nature of aesthetics. With the value of the younger audience in mind, my narrative works explore mutant memories, reoccurring and fragmented thoughts. I also make more abstract works that tend to focus on constructing new sensory experiences by selectively recording materials beyond recognition and employing the use of video distortion, feedback and compression.
Inspired by: Sci-Fi, robots, vehicles, Steam-punk, Cyber-punk, Bio-mechanical, Hip-hop, graffiti, Gothic, tattoo art, architecture, landscapes, Biology, religious symbology, Anime, electronic music, Flamenco, martial arts, horror, comics, ancient ruins, Video games old and new, fantasy, childrens books…..