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Some of the highlights this year while working at Ramus. Yagan Square is a new public space in the heart of Perth with a huge cylindrical mesh screen with low res ‘reeds’ extending above. The LED lit canopy was designed to resemble the shape of a lake that was once in the area. I produced a dozens of animations for the canopy that reflect the landscape. For the tower I produced 15 motion graphic pieces, animated interpretations of emerging aboriginal artists, and most notably for deceased abstract artist Shane Pickett, a years worth of animation (160 clips) that change according to the 6 indigenous seasons.

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We Won!

The big one, Still Life has won best short film award at the Cannes American Pavilion Showcase!

Still Life Cannes

STILL LIFE Tropfest December 2013

  1. UPDATE: STILL LIFE has won the Qantas Award at Tropfest!
    In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to the last 5 months, I’ve been involved in a small team of animators, as a 3D artist, concept artist and matt painter to produce a short film called Still Life. The official announcement for Tropfest this December has been made today and we’re all extremely exited to hear that we’ve made it to the top 16 finalists! So stay tuned on December the 8th when the top 3 will be announced. Come check out this years films on the day at the closest public venue (Melbourne’s yet to be announced) or on SBS 2.
    Fellow artists involved are Martin Sharpe (director), Brennan Merrett, Will Lovett and Jeremy Weppner and the amazing Groove Quantize sound designers .
    I’ve also made a clay sculpture of the protagonist, check out the process
    guard sculpt

New page added ‘ From the Sketchbook’

Click here to check it out ( Illustration->From the Sketchbook )

Live Painting at Bass Art Launch Party @Rubix

A great night of painting in a party atmosphere, deep beats and friendly people. Thanks everyone for your creative contributions and positive vibes.

It’s always fun going into a painting with no ideas to impose and being amused by the outcome. If I were to make up a story for it i’d say it looks like prehistoric creatures witnessing the arrival of a new species. Photos courtesy of Rock Solid Photography

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3 hour live painting session at Kill Screen

Here’s what I came up with for Revolver’s anual Kill Screen event. The Retro video game themed night was a nostalgic revisit of the SNES era, with competions and prizes for competitors who battled it out in classic games.

Of course there was plenty of base music, fun, dancing and drinks. My task along side ‘Twos’ was to see what we could come up with, unprepared and on stage. We were given aproximately three hours, a canvas each and bunch of acrylics. I thought of my favourite games that first got me hooked like Zelda, Age of Empires, Warcraft.

My artist statement, ‘When the Tides of Darkness come in, Warcraft is brought to hault, it’s only a matter of time before the Dawn of War brings another day to the age of Empires, where the Rise of Nations continues as the Final Fantasy’.

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